UtoSafari (2009) by Numb Safari AKA Nummen Safari is a production about risk and relations in which three furry creatures turn the room upside-down, romping together in shuffles and embraces.


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Object type Production
Premiere August 21, 2009
Produced by Numb Safari
Coproducers Rom for Dans, Landing
Audience Children (from 6 to 12)
Keywords Dance, Performance for children
Running period August 21, 2009  
Duration Performance 30 minutes, followed by a workshop for 45 minutes
Website UtoSafari - Nummen Safari

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 8m
Minimum stage depth 10m
Minimum stage height 3m
Blackout No
Rigging time 90 minutes
Downrigging time 60 minutes
Audience 30

UtoSafari by Numb Safari AKA Nummen Safari is about risk and relations, about being alone and about being two or three. Which feelings are allowed within the different relations? How lonely can one be among others? Is it necessary to be two to be happy? Is it really so that all good things come in threes?

UtoSafari starts with a dance performance, continues with dialogue between children and performers and is ended with a workshop in which the children can examine the room and the theme with the dancers. Numb Safari wants to provide the children with experiences they can feel in their own bodies, physically and emotionally and to ask them to reflect over their own background and experiences. Through the work children are met as equals. The foundation is an attitude that opposite answers to the same question can be as right.

UtoSafari is a dance production exploring physical meetings between performers and the room. From being gentle and helpful to bickering, tumbling, fighting and crossing the line. It is about knowing one’s own limits, setting one’s own limits, being safe in one’s own body and taking care of each other. Connotations to animals, playing and other movements with which children can identify have been a basis for exploring the expressions of movement.

The production is made in and related to the mobile performance venue Utoskop.

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Cultural Rucksack and Kunstløftet, The Fund for Performing Artists, the county of Sør-Trøndelag (Southern Trøndelag) and the municipality of Oslo.

Contributors (18)
Name Role
André Sipilä Solvang – Idea
Ina Coll Kjølmoen – Choreography
Venke Marie Sortland – Choreography
Guro Anna Wyller Odden – Choreography
André Sipilä Solvang – Stage design
Maria Lange – Costume
Ina Coll Kjølmoen – Dancer
Pernille Holden – Dancer (Understudy)
Maja Roel – Dancer
Marianne Skjeldal – Dancer
Anne Synnøve Skogstad – Dancer
Venke Marie Sortland – Dancer
Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas – Dancer
Guro Anna Wyller Odden – Dancer
Tom Øverli – Photo
Inger Kristin Haugsevje – Tour manager
Ina Coll Kjølmoen – Producer
Trine Nyhus Lørum – Advisor
Performance dates
June 24, 2013 18:30 – Inderøy Kulturhus Show
September 29, 2012 14:00 – Scenehuset Utoskop, Numb Safari Show
September 29, 2012 16:00 – Scenehuset Utoskop, Numb Safari Show
September 28, 2012 18:00 – Scenehuset Utoskop, Numb Safari Show
September 27, 2012 18:00 – Scenehuset Utoskop, Numb Safari Show
September 20, 2009Verkstedhallen, Svartlamon & Co Show
September 19, 2009Verkstedhallen, Svartlamon & Co Show
September 18, 2009Verkstedhallen, Svartlamon & Co Show
August 21, 2009Scenehuset Utoskop, Numb Safari Worldwide premiere
Festivals (2)
Kortreist dansefestival June 24, 2013
Soria Laboratoria Festival September 27, 2012