The Thousand and One Nights

The book cycle The Thousand and One Nights is a collection of stories from Central Asia. The stories stem from The Middle Ages and have been put together under a frame story.

The story starts with the Persian King Shahryar, king of an unnamed island someplace between India and China, being so shocked from learning about his wife’s adultery he kills her. He presumes that all women will be adulterous and he orders the vizier to find him a new bride every night. After the king has spent the night with her, she is executed by dawn.

This continues until the vizier’s daughter Scheherazade (also spelled Shahrazad) accepts to be Shahryar’s next wife. She has made a plan, and every night after the wedding she tells him stories. She makes sure that the king becomes curious what will happen next, and he postpones the execution to hear the rest of the story. Eventually she has borne him three sons and the king is convinced she is faithful. Hence he repeals the execution order.


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