Premiére date27 Sep. 2002
Produced byHaugesund Theatre
Coproducersdybwikdans, Rogaland Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre
Based onMelancholy by Jon Fosse
AudienceAdults, Youth (from 16)
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
Running period27 Sep. 2002  

About Melancholy

Melancholy (2002) was a theatre production by Haugesund Theatre, Rogaland Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, dybwikdans, the municipality of Stavanger and the municipality of Tysvær in collaboration. Melancholy was based on Jon Fosse's novel about Lars Hertervig, Melancholy, in a theatrical adaption by Sverre Waage. At The Norwegian Theatre it was performed in the venue Scene 2, where five performances were given.

Sverre Waage directed it.

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More about Melancholy

On the webpage of dybwikdans the following is written about Melancholia:

"A theatre production about Lars Hertervig based on Jon Fosse's novel Melancholy. Melancholy is the production about one of Norway's greatest artists throughout the ages: Lars Hertervig - from poverty in Borgøy and Stavanger to illuminated talent at the art academy of Düsseldorf.

From splendid future prospects as an artist to a stay at (the mental hospital) Gaustad, sent home as incurably mentally ill, and publically declared "artistically dead" by the very Alexander Kielland. Back in his original social environment and natural scenery, Lars Hertervig worked persistently on his art for the rest of his life.

He wanted to paint the light, the light he interpreted as the same in art, love and faith in God.

The production is a composition of text, dance, fragments of action, music and light, and the totality of it attempts to phrase something the writer of Jon Fosse's novel Melancholy made an aim; ...for in his way to describe, in his art, some of the human secrets hidden in the clouds painted by the painter Lars Hertervig..."

Melancholy was supported by the county of Rogaland and Arts Council Norway.


Repertoire at The Norwegian Theatre 1913-2014. Transferred to Sceneweb 08.09.2015.

dybwikdans,, 19.01.2012,