Trillefolket* (The Rolling People)

Premiére date26 Oct. 2006
Produced byTeater Joker
Based onTrillefolket - hva hendte med Kjartan?* (The rolling people - what happened to Kjartan?) by Tore Renberg
AudienceChildren (from 6 to 10)
Number of events255
ExpressionsPerformance for children , Physical theatre, Theatre, Puppetry
Running period26 Oct. 2006  —  23 Aug. 2008
Duration50 min
WebsiteTeater Joker

About Trillefolket* (The Rolling People)

Trillefolket* (The Rolling People) (2006) by and with Teater Joker was based on Tore Renberg’s book for children called Trillefolket - hva hendte med Kjartan?* (The Rolling People – what happened to Kjartan?). It raises issues regarding loneliness, community and individualism. In the scenic version of the book Teater Joker performed the jolly, jumping, rounded rolling people with large dolls so rounded they almost had no necks.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Press review

Rygg, Elisabeth (28.10.06). Sorgmuntert om Trillefolket (literally: Sweet melancholia about the Rolling People). Aftenposten,, 07.12.2010,
"There is occasion for many blithe, strange and a bit sad scenes along the way. The three actors Haakon Strøm, Kari Ramnefjell and Nils Petter Mørland lead the funny, orange, bag chair-like rolling puppets by Ragnhild Gjems, while interpreting different other characters: Peeing dogs, couples in love and clumsy violinists. Director Niels Peter Underland makes efficient theatre without effects. And the music by Geirmund Simonsen and Raymond Enoksen is well integrated into the performance. A rolling people are touring with a nice message and an imaginative performance for the children."

More about Trillefolket* (The Rolling People)

In Trillefolket* (The Rolling People) by and with Teater Joker the audience gets to know Trillefolket, or The Rolling People. The rolling people is a kind, round and small population whose motto is "Hooray for the whole world!" They roll rather than walk and they are inseparable. They used to be many, but now there are only five of them left.

Then suddenly one day Kjartan, the troubadour of the group, is gone. The rolling people are in shock. They search all over the world for Kjartan. However, what they do not know is that Kjartan no longer wants to be just one of a crowd. He wants to manage by himself, without his rolling people. Kjartan has gone to Prague to open his own musical workshop. But Kjartan soon discovers that freedom can contain a large share of loneliness, and he often longs back to the rolling people. Not much in the world is fun when one is alone all the time. Eventually he finds a good friend in Prague, Mariouka. She always carries a box. Every day she walks with the box, rooming her whole history.

Trillefolket* (The Rolling People) by Teater Joker was performed more than 255 times all over Norway and more than 30 000 children saw the production from the opening in Black Box Teater in October 2006 to the very last performance in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) in August 2008.

Supported by: The Audio Visual Fund and The Cultural Rucksack.


Teater Joker,, 17.10.2010,

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.