Musikk i Nordland

Also known asMiNensemblet, MiN
Organisation typeMusical group
Main focusMusic
Established1 Jan. 1992
WebsiteMusikk i Nordalnd

About Musikk i Nordland

Musikk i Nordland is also called MiNensemblet and just MiN. MiN was established in 1992. Musikk i Nordland is part of the regional music enterprise Landsdelsmusikerordningen i Nord-Norge (LINN), established in 1979. MiN is funded by the county of Nordland.

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More about Musikk i Nordland

Musikk i Nordland emphasises a contemporary music repertoire, but also performs older music.

MiNensemblet/MiN is based in Narvik, but tours the county of Nordland, Norway and abroad. The tours are arranged to visit almost all communities in the county. From 1989 LINN also has collaborated with Russia, a collaboration MiN takes part in.

Source: Musikk i Nordland,, 06.11.2010,