Fabrik Potsdam

Fabrik Potsdam is an international centre for dance in Potsdam, Germany.


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Object type Organization
Also known as International Center for Dance and Movement Art/Internationales Zentrum für Tanz und Bewegungskunst
Organization type District institution, Producing, Programming, Resource centre, Dissemination centre
Main focus Dance, Education
Email contact@fabrikpotsdam.de
Website fabrik Potsdam

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Address Schiffbauergasse 10, 14467 Potsdam, Germany
Email contact@fabrikpotsdam.de

Other information

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Fabrik Potsdam - International Center for Dance and Movement Art (Internationales Zentrum für Tanz und Bewegungskunst) is both a house for professional dancers and dance companies as well as a place for all who want to see, understand and experience dance.

Fabrik Potsdam is a place where dance is explored, produced and communicated. The Artists in Residence program gives artists the chance to work on new ideas on and about dance.


Fabrik Potsdam, fabrikpotsdam.de, 04.04.2011, http://www.fabrikpotsdam.de/

Title Premiere
THIEF - AFTER - Clip 0 (zero) – October 15, 2009 – zero visibility corp.
The terror of identification – October 8, 2004 – zero visibility corp.
Twinn – March 18, 2004 – Kreutzerkompani
Twinn – March 4, 2004 – Kreutzerkompani
Elevator – February 28, 2003 – Kreutzerkompani
Prakt + Prakt(kompakt) – 2002 – Kreutzerkompani
Blend/Verk – April 18, 2001 – Kreutzerkompani
confession time. – 2001 – zero visibility corp.
Hunt out (reprise) – May 3, 2000 – zero visibility corp.
Hunt out (reprise) – Navember 12, 1999 – zero visibility corp.
what do we do now that we're happy – 1998 – zero visibility corp.
Ulrike Melzwig – Artistic director (fra 2008)