The production Twinn by Kreutzerkompani is based on a theme of doubling: To match or to link something, or to split something in two equal parts. In the background the evil twin hovers through the potentially destructive in bringing to similar, but opposing parts together.


(Objekt ID 9597)
Object type Production
Premiere March 18, 2004
Produced by Kreutzerkompani
Coproducers Fabrik Potsdam, BIT Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche, USF Verftet
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance, Multidisciplinary, Video, Music
Running period March 18, 2004  

The production Twinn is the result of close collaboration between the choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen, the video artist HC Gilje and the electric music duo Jazzkammer, consisting of John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug.

Kreutzerkompani examines movement through an equal focus on dance, video and sound. The performers take use of pre-planned material and improvisations and hence the company’s performances take place in a distinct, intense live setting.

Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, Oktoberdans 2004. 23.11.2010: -arkiv

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Eva-Cecilie Richardsen – Choreography
John Hegre – Music
Lasse Marhaug – Music
Jørgen Træen – Music
Hans Christian Gilje – Stage design
Kathrine Tolo – Costume
Hans Christian Gilje – Video/Film
Hege Holte Østbye – Dancer
Lena Meland – Dancer
Kristine Karåla Øren – Dancer
Thor Brødreskift – Photo
Tine Rude – Producer
Performance dates
October 10, 2004 18:00 – Studio USF, USF Verftet Show
October 9, 2004 18:00 – Studio USF, USF Verftet Show
March 21, 2004Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
March 20, 2004Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
March 19, 2004Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
March 18, 2004Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Worldwide premiere
March 4, 2004BIT Teatergarasjen, Norsk Dramatikk Preview
Festivals (1)
Oktoberdans October 9, 2004
Press coverage

"Kreutzerkompani continues the exploring of interaction and tension between dance, sound and video … (...) «Live» sound images take power and control. And here are deafening noise images they fight when the electric music duo John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug fully blow out (...) The game and battle for power between the twins in Twinn have the drama of the oppositions built in. It is personified on the mini dance stage and explodes in video and sound images."

Dagbladet, Anette Mürer, 20.03.2004