confession time.

confession time. that cool and imature feeling of total honesty (2001) was a dance production by zero visibility corp.

confession time. was supported by: Arts Council Norway.


(Objekt ID 17806)
Object type Production
Premiere 2001
Produced by zero visibility corp.
Coproducers Fabrik Potsdam, MDT,
Audience Adults
Expressions Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period 2001  
Website zero visibility corp.
Name Role
Ina Christel Johannessen – Choreography
Jens Sethzman – Stage design
Jens Sethzman – Lighting design
Marianne Albers – Dancer
Staffan Eek – Dancer
Ludde Hagberg – Dancer
Cecilie Lindeman Steen – Dancer
Terje Tjøme Mossige – Dancer
Line Tørmoen – Dancer
Erik Berg – Photo
Karene Lyngholm – Producer
Cathe Sjøblom – Producer
Performance dates
October 7, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
October 6, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
October 5, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
October 4, 2001Store scene (Vika) , Ultima – Show
2001 – Worldwide premiere
Ultima October 4, 2001