Organisation typeArtist company
Main focusDance, Multidisciplinary art
Established2000 (closed 2007)
WebsiteMoving Targets

About Kreutzerkompani

Kreutzerkompani was established in 2000 to consolidate the cooperation between Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and HC Gilje. Kreutzerkompani worked with filtering live video, music and dance and was characterised by an expression both pure and rich in detail. Kreutzerkompani created 17 productions in cooperation with dancers, musicians and visual artists.

Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, spring program 2006

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More about Kreutzerkompani

Kreutzerkompani was established with basis in the group Demodans. Kreutzerkompani created interaesthetic dance performances with choreographed and improvised dance, video and sound as main elements. Kreutzerkompani received the award Oktoberdansprisen in 2006 for the production Irre. The company was dissolved in 2007.

Works: Blend/Verk (2001), Synk (2002), Flimmer (2003), Krets (2005), Irre (2006).