Proscen is an interest/network organisation and competence centre for performing arts in Western Norway, which primary focus is on the role of the producer.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Interest organisation
Main focus Theatre, Dance, Puppetry, Musical theatre, Opera, Performance, Circus, Stand-up comedy, Multidisciplinary art
Established August 27, 2008

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Address Kong Christian Frederiks Plass 4, 5006 Bergen, Norway

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Legal entity Foundation
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

August 27 2008 33 representatives for the performing arts of Western Norway established Proscen, a production unit for performing arts, interest/network organisation and competence centre.

The purposes of Proscen are improving the conditions for independent performing arts through counselling, coaching and servicing producer services, plus acting as a representative for the field in public forum. Proscen is organised as a member organisation and the members can register for free on the webpage (

A sketch of the organisation and its functions is shortly outlined in the following:

The competence centre: Strengthening the role of the performing arts producer is an aim, to liberate the artists from administrative work. Proscen wishes to provide a manned service centre in which producers can get assistance in producer related work such as economy, writing of applications, logistic, visa and ATA carnet applications, contract work, media work and law. In addition the centre plans to arrange relevant courses, seminars and workshops. Guides, standard contracts, forms and handbooks shall be gathered or developed and made available for the community.

The network organisation: Proscen will function as a network organisation for the local, national and international field of performing arts, across cultural disciplines and in politics and business.

The information bank: Proscen will function as an important information channel, to the members and other actors. A member database will give an overview of actors in the region and with a searching function one can easily gather information about potential actors or professions. Further will information will be available on events, production facilities and performance venues, equipment available for hire/loan, application deadlines and systems plus news within the field.

The interest organisation: As an interest organisation Proscen will work politically on behalf of the field performing arts in the region, functioning as an advisory board and mediator in decision-making processes and public discussion. In addition Proscen will work for economic measures and collective cost-saving to strengthen the community and the singular actors within the field. It will be necessary to map the actual challenges and to stay in contact with the community to adjust to changes and development.

The facilitator: Proscen has offices connected to its administration in the street Rotthaugsgaten (no. 7), providing some regular and some project-based work stations which can be used by members and visiting companies. This will provide for exchange of experiences and efficient problem-solving, and can reduce office costs for the users. There is also a small rehearsal room attached to the offices.

The project coordinator: Proscen can function as a project coordinator for efforts made to strengthen the field of performing arts in the region. A tangible example is working for an education offer for producers connected to cultural studies, trainee jobs in collaboration with institutions and companies plus national and international exchange systems.

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Camilla Svingen – Manager