Performing arts and documentarism

Seminar during Meteor 2009. The seminar Scenekunst og dokumentarisme (Performing arts and documentary) on documentary theatre arranged by the project Operation Almenrausch in cooperation with BIT Teatergarasjen, the magazine Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift and Proscen.


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In collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen, Proscen
Language Norwegian
Expressions Seminar, Conversation(s), Dialogue seminar

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Documentary art of today seems to most often discuss the correlation between the private and the public or between fact and fiction, with the biographical and a discussion on identity as a focal point and an aim. But documentary art can arise from and be headed towards other directions. With a side glance on visual art, architecture and music the seminar will explore the opportunity for alternative documentary strategies anchored in collective remembrance, the collectively phrased and the collectively phrased’s expressions. There was invited to a conversation about the correlation between documents, the documentary, the monument and the monumental in performing arts.

The seminar was supported by Arts Council Norway.

Source: BIT Teatergarsjen, Meteor 2009. 07.08.2010:

Performance dates
October 31, 2009 11:00 – Landmark , METEOR – Other
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METEOR October 31, 2009