Edderkoppen Teater

Edderkoppen Teater (literal meaning: The Spider Theatre), from 1967 to 2003 called ABC-teatret or simply ABC, is an entertainment theatre located at St. Olavs plass in Oslo. The theatre is known for varied entertainment, ranging from comedies to musical shows.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Private theatre
Main focus Entertainment, Revue
Established 1942 (closed 1966)

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Address St. Olavs plass 1 , Oslo, Norway

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Legal entity Other

In 1942 Leif Juster took over Søilen Teater in the street of Keysers gate in Oslo. The first revue by the theatre, called Saker og ting (literally: Things and such), opened September 3 the same year. It turned out that the venue was too small, and in 1945 Edderkoppen moved to St. Olavs plass. Juster runned the theatre until 1967.


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Contributors (2)
Leif Juster – Theatre director (fra 1942 til 1966)
Tullik Juster – Economy manager (fra 1942)