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Performing Arts Østfold

Performing Arts Østfold (Norwegian: Scenekunst Østfold) is a county-owned project theatre based in Fredrikstad.

Performing Arts Østfold was established as Østfold Teaterverksted (literally: Østfold Theatre Workshop) in 1991. The enterprise was based on collaboration between on a national level, county level and municipal level. In 2004, the organisation move from Halden to Fredrikstad, and at the same time, the structure was changed into a fully county-owned enterprise, active in participation between the county and the municipality. The organisation changed its name into Østfold Theatre (Norwegian: Østfold Teater) at the time of its tenth anniversary in 2001, and in 2013 it changed its name anew, into Performing Arts Østfold (Norwegian: Scenekunst Østfold).

Kjell Susegg Moberg took over as Performing Arts Østfold's head in 2013, after Ida M. Frederiksen had led the institution for 20 years.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Formerly Østfold Theatre.
Organization type District institution
Main focus Performing arts, Children and youths
Established 1991 (closed October 17, 2019)
Email kjemob@ostfoldfk.no
Website Scenekunst Østfold

Contact information

Address Dokka 3A, 1679 Kråkerøy, Norway
Email kjemob@ostfoldfk.no
Telefon 69301430

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA

Performing Arts Østfold produces its own productions, co-produces with independent performing arts companies, and manages activities as a resource and competence centre. Performing Arts Østfold's productions for children tour schools all over Østfold through The Cultural Rucksack.

From 2011, Performing Arts Østfold has been part of Østfold kulturutvikling. Østfold kulturutvikling is part of the county administration of Østfold, working on cultural development in the area.


Østfold Theatre, http://www.ostfoldteater.no/?CatID=1111

Østfold kulturutvikling, http://www.kulturutvikling.no, 17.12.13, http://www.kulturutvikling.no/2013/11/ostfold-teater-2/

Own productions (14)
Title Premiere
To kvinner rer en seng – March 9, 2019
Uten navn* (Nameless) – October 26, 2018
The Shit/La Merda – September 16, 2018
Do Not Feed the Trolls – January 23, 2016
Ørkenbrevet – January 9, 2015
Soft Eyes – 2015
Henrich og Annichen - i skyggen av Langnes skanse – August 9, 2014
Edvard! – May 29, 2013
Merklin & Turbin – February 2009
Livet lever! – 2008
Hamlet – 2007
Den usynlige mannen – 2006
Ti-meter´n – 2003
Contributors (4)
Thomas Holtermann Østgaard – Theatre director (fra May 2018)
Tormod Gangfløt – Theatre director (fra 2016 til 2018)
Kjell Moberg – Scenic painter (fra 2013 til 2016)
Ida M. Frederiksen – Theatre director ( til 2013)