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Teater ad Libitum

Teater ad Libitum was established as an independent theatre company in Oslo in 1988. Franziskca Aarflot was one of the founders and directed for the theatre. Productions produced by Teater ad Libitum include The lover in the woods and Wild Ducks by Jesper Halle, Life is a dream by Calderón de la Barca, Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare, Brave New Virtual World by Aarflot based on William Gibson, Aldous Huxley and William Shakespeare. 

Teater ad Libitum ceased to exist in 1996.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established 1984 (closed 1996)

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Legal entity Other

Teater ad Libitum arranged in 1986 a small, international festival in the market halls called Basarhallene (in Oslo), with improvisation between musicians and actors as a theme. Participants came from Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, USA - and Norway. The festival was called Ad Libitum and partly took part outdoors, with concerts, performances and impro sessions.

Teater ad Libitum also produced Last Supper (Black Box Teater 1989) - devised theatre based on Ovid's Metamorphoses and selected texts by Shakespeare.

They made A Kick from the Inside (by Aarflot) - super 8 film and theatre about sex, pregnancy, birth and all the wild emotions surrounding it, at Black Box Teater in 1990. And Is that a gun in your pocket...? - devised theatre as part of a one act competition at Black Box Teater, year unknown.


E-mail from Franziskca Aarflot, 21.12.2011

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Own productions (8)
Title Premiere
Alle tiders! – 2015
Is that a gun in your pocket...? – Navember 22, 1995
Troilus and Cressida – 1994
Nattverd – April 5, 1989
Et spark fra innsiden – 1989
The lover in the woods – December 8, 1988
Life is a dream – December 1, 1988
Brave New Virtual World
Contributors (9)
Franzisca Aarflot – Instructor (fra 1984 til 1996)
Gard B. Eidsvold – Actor (fra 1984)
Hans Henriksen – Actor (fra 1984)
Ole Kristian Thomassen – Actor (fra 1984)
Mai Lise Rasmussen – Actor (fra 1984)
Andria Quirk – Actor (fra 1984)
Ann Kristin Knapstad-Nordberg – Actor (fra 1984)
Jesper Halle – Dramatist/Playwright (fra 1984)
Henrik Hellstenius – Composer (fra 1984)