Teaterfabrikken 70N 30Ø

Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø is located in Vadsø and Tromsø, presenting performances based on stories from the county of Finnmark to the people of Finnmark and the rest of the world. Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø searches for the universal in the stories, and will at the same time emphasise what is unique for Finnmark.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Teaterfabrikken
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre, Children and youths, Musical theatre
Established January 1, 1995
Email ellen@teaterfabrikken.com
Website Teaerfabrikken 70N 30Ø, Hysj!

Contact information

Address Pb. 474, 9811 Vadsø, Norway
Email ellen@teaterfabrikken.com
Telefon 92609796

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Org nr. 991345582
Member of The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA

Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø finds it important to produce performances anchored locally while creating recognition and pride of the local community the company is part of.

Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø aims to strengthen the theatre community in the county and to provide an offering for those in need of an actor or other theatre services performed professionally. For Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø as it is important that the productions take hold of a changing society, to show how it is to live in Finnmark as of today. Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø as emphasises what is good, too, not just Northern lights and midnight sun. The company aims to challenge. In Finnmark a lot stands artistically uncommented. Through its work Teaterfabrikken 70°N 30°Ø as wishes to inspire youth to take a chance on working culturally to make a living.

Productions between 1995-2000:

1997-1998 Kjedelige Kjell* 1 and 2 (Boring Kjell 1 and 2)

1996 – 1998: Harold Hare og Shalai-mysteriet* (Harold Hare and the Shalai Mystery)

1996:  Rolf, Enten-eller* (Either-Or) and Tiden er bare et ord* (Time is just a word)

1995 – 1997: Bare et øyeblikk...streifer evigheten* (Just a moment…touches eternity)

Source: teaterfabrikken, 12.11.2010, http://www.teaterfabrikken.com

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Own productions (5)
Title Premiere
Skumringstimen – Navember 8, 2020
HYSJ!* (HUSH!) – March 25, 2010
Snø og Ild* (Snow and Fire) – October 13, 2007
The Enormous Crocodile – August 11, 2005
Tøff. Naken. – August 10, 2000
Contributors (1)
Ellen Zahl Jonassen – Actor (fra January 1, 1995)