gutter. jenter. sex. kjønn. misbruk.* (boys, girls, sex, gender, abuse)

HYSJ! gutter. jenter. sex. kjønn. misbruk.* (HUSH! boys, girls, sex, gender, abuse) is a documentary theatre production by Teaterfabrikken 70N 30Ø. The performance is about respect and self-respect. Respect for one’s own body and others’.

Northern Norway is high on the statistics over sexual abuse. One of ten Finnmark girls aged between 14 and 15 years say they have experienced sexual assaults the last year (2009). Come to boys selling or exchanging sex the experts think the hidden numbers are high.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 5803)
Object type Production
Premiere March 25, 2010
Produced by Teaterfabrikken 70N 30Ø
Audience Youth, Adults
Audience size 1270
Number of events 25
Language Norwegian
Keywords Documentary, TV theatre
Running period March 25, 2010  
Website HYSJ!

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 8m
Minimum stage depth 8m
Minimum stage height 4m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 240 minutes
Downrigging time 120 minutes
Audience 100

In its documentary theatre production HYSJ!* (HUSH!)Teaterfabrikken 70N 30Ø bases the work in the sexual assault cases in Kautokeino, in which adult men got sex from girls aged 13, 14 and 15 years in exchange for telephone cards. Over three years the company has talked to and interviewed school nurses, researchers, journalist, social anthropologists, mothers, fathers, youth club leaders, lawyers, people from mediation councils, philosophers, teachers, social workers, sociologists, priest and professors and youth, boys and girls, people from all of Norway, larger cities and smaller communities.

Teaterfabrikken takes use of text, music, film, images, physical acting and direct dialogue with its audiences. Many different youths’ voices are heard through the actors onstage. The actors’ own voices too – in hard and in beautiful stories, sad and funny.  

HYSJ! is a documentary performance about respect and dignity.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Source: Hysj!, 12.11.2010, http://hysjhysj.ning.com

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Janne Wettre – Script
Ellen Zahl Jonassen – Concept/Idea
Janne Wettre – Concept/Idea
Janne Wettre – Direction
Pia Maria Roll – Dramaturge
Susanne Irene Fjørtoft – Stage design
Gaute Barlindhaug – Sound design
Reidar Richardsen – Lighting design
Nanna Elisabeth Berntsen – Actor
Ellen Zahl Jonassen – Actor
Kristine Myhre Tunheim – Actor
Morten Røsrud – Actor
Ingun Alette Mæhlum – Photo
Ellen Zahl Jonassen – Project manager
Ellen Zahl Jonassen (from February 1, 2010) – Producer
Klaus Løkholm Bergli (from February 1, 2010 to March 28, 2010) – Producer
Performance dates
Navember 28, 2010Provisoriet, Rådstua Teaterhus Show
Navember 2, 2010 Show
Navember 1, 2010 Show
October 29, 2010 Show
October 27, 2010 Show
October 25, 2010 Show
October 22, 2010 Show
October 21, 2010 Show
October 19, 2010 Show
October 18, 2010 Show
October 17, 2010 Show
April 21, 2010LES-huset, The National Sami Theatre Show
April 20, 2010LES-huset, The National Sami Theatre Show
March 27, 2010Provisoriet, Rådstua Teaterhus Show
March 26, 2010Provisoriet, Rådstua Teaterhus Show
March 25, 2010Provisoriet, Rådstua Teaterhus Opening night
Press coverage

"Documentary theatre can be pedagogic theatre, which rarely succeeds. But in this performance statistics, personal expressions and excerpts from judicial protocols, poetic humour and heartfelt sincerity are united. (...) The audience gets to know all this information through fragmented dramaturgy, via abrupt effects. Suddenly situations are cut, the music following some sequences abruptly stops. This fragmented form matches the material, the expression becomes youthfully restless and unpredictable."

Source: Hilde Skancke Pedersen (April 2010), article titled Når teater lærer oss å si nei* (When theatre teaches us to say no), Altaposten (Alta).

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

"Openness is important
Øyvind Lorentzen leads the local police in Kautokeino. He personally went to see the play when it was performed for the community this spring.

– In collaboration with the police, the mediation council and the youth club youth were divided into group post-performance. They talked about the play and what they experienced after having seen it, the police officer tells Ságat.

– I think it was good for the youth to have the threshold lowered and to talk about this, he means, and points out;

– It is important that adults open for openness surrounding this difficult subject."

Source: Hans Petter Tapio, Ságat No. 207 - Gaskavahkku 27. b. golggotmánus 2010 (pages 14 and 15)