Boa Scenekunst

Boa Scenekunst was established in 2001 by actress Elisabeth Helland Larsen. The company’s productions use different theatre styles, finding inspiration in circus and jester traditions, among other things. Boa Scenekunst was based in Ålesund, is now based in Oslo, and it connects collaboration partners from Norway and abroad.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established December 10, 2001
Website Boa Scenekunst
Expressions Theatre

Contact information

Address Kjelsåsveien 138 C, Oslo, Norway
Telefon 91706653

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 984 009 445

The manifest of Boa Scenekunst sounds "Playfulness, absurdity and musicality".

Much of the physical material for the performances is created through improvisation built on different techniques from physical theatre communities and schools. Creating a stage language built on the expressive body and the poetry in the room has been one of the most important objectives. The company also has wished to bring the playfulness of new circus, using objects and rooms, into the more holistic mindset of the theatre.

Boa Scenekunst is a little culture factory for children and youth, mixing circus, theatre, puppetry, clownery and literature into its productions. The heart of Boa beats a little bit extra for children living under rough conditions.

Source: Boa Scenekunst,, 19.11.2010

Own productions
Title Premiere
Dukker opp i alle land – September 11, 2009
Shock-Headed Peter – January 14, 2006
Spiral – April 15, 2002
Klapp!* (Clap!)
With the Heart on the Nose