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Forestillingsprogram for Trøndelag Teaters produksjon Flaggermusen (1979). pdf May 2, 1979 Download

Die Fledermaus (The Bat)

Die Fledermaus (The Bat) is an operetta by Johann Strauss the younger (music), Karl Haffner (libretto) and Richard Genée (libretto). The original title in German is Die Fledermaus. The operetta has been translated into the Norwegian as Flaggermusen.

In English, it is most often performed using the German-language title, with or without the English-language title in brackets.


(Objekt ID 23469)
Object type Artwork
Original title Die Fledermaus
Work type Music
Published April 5, 1874
Original language German
Categories Operetta
Creators (3)
Johann Strauss d.y. – Composer
Richard Genée – Author
Karl Haffner – Author