The Political Tinker

The Political Tinker is a comedy by Ludvig Holberg.The original title in Danish-Norwegian is Den politiske Kandestøber (archaic spelling, the current spelling of the Norwegian-language title is Den politiske kannestøper).

The theme "king for a day" is the same as the one used by Holberg in Jeppe of the Hill. The main character, the tinker Herman von Bremen, who complains about the unwise decisions of the authorities, is named mayor for a day. The action is set in Hamburg, but there are inconsistencies, such as when one of the characters brags of his ancestors, the Vikings.


(Objekt ID 15725)
Object type Artwork
Original title Den politiske Kandestøber
Work type Script
Published 1722
Original language Danish
Categories Comedy
Creators (1)
Ludvig Holberg – Author