Ask and Embla

From the production From Ask and Embla, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), 1992

Ask and Embla were two puppets in Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)'s production by the same title. Ask and Embla was based on a puppet play by Helge Andersen, after an idea by Ragnhild Wang. The stage design was by Hans Petter Harboe and Lisbeth Narud, the puppet design and creation of the puppets by Lisbeth Narud. Ragnhild Wang directed the production. It had its premiere September 23, 1992, in Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)'s puppet theatre.


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Object type Puppet
Production date September 23, 1992
Category Bunraku style puppet
Themes Children and youth
Size Approximately 60 centimetres tall

Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre.



Teaterfigurer, bedre kjent som teaterdukker, har spilt på norske scener i generasjoner, til stor glede for publikum i alle aldersgrupper.

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The role of Ask was played by Hans Rønningen and the role of Embla was played by Marianne Edvardsen. 

In Norse mythology, Ask and Embla were the first humans.

Sceneweb refers to the other puppets registered from the production in the database. These are Thor and Freyja.


Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).

Donated by: Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).

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Types of materiale

The heads of the puppets Ask and Embla were cut from Styrofoam and fortified with cotton gauze and wood glue. The faces may have been painted white, or they may have been covered with thin glove skin. Both of the puppets had prominent noses, large eyes and narrow mouths. The hair of both was made from boiled wool or other wool yarn. The boy, Ask, had shorter hair than the girl, Embla, who wore her hair in a ponytail.

There were many similiar traits in the physical form of the puppets, and the use of materials. Both wore white costumes from wool. Embla had a dress with a front pocket. Ask was dressed in a shirt, vest and pants. His pants were light brown, and Embla wore brown leather shoes. Both puppets had legs, arms and hands.

The description was made from photos.


Both puppets were costructed the same way. They both had solid handles fastened to the backs of their heads. This handle was used by the puppeteers, to steer them in performance. The puppets had joints at the neck, and the arms were fastened to a shoulder area. The arms hung loose and could move freely, if wanted. The puppeteers could switch hands at the head and at the right or left arm/hand of the puppets. The legs also hung loose.

It is possible that there were handles at the behind of the puppets' bottoms, for better to control the bodies, and to add other physical expressions to the puppets.

The description was made from photos.

Hans Petter Harboe (person) – Stage designer
Lisbeth Narud (person) – Designer, Puppet Maker
Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) (organization) – Creator
Ask and Embla (production) – Bunraku style puppet