NORR / Then the gods broke

NORR / Then the gods broke (2015) was a dance production by and with Absence Crew. NORR / When the gods broke was based on Snorre's Edda and Voluspå.


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Object type Production
Premiere Navember 7, 2015
Produced by Absence Crew
Coproducers The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
In collaboration with The National Stage,
Based on Snorre's Edda by Snorre Sturlason; Völuspá by
Audience Children, Families (from 5)
Keywords Performance for the Family, Dance, Break-dance
Running period Navember 7, 2015  
Website Den Nationale Scene


Import from the premiere list on 07 / 05-2019

The National Library. Season program from The National Stage in the autumn of 2015. Delivered to the Stage web archive 08.01.2021

The National Stage,, 07.05.2019,

Performance dates
June 5, 2019Teaterkjelleren, formerly Småscenen, The National Stage – New opening
2018 – New opening
August 25, 2016 – Tour Premiere
August 19, 2016 18:00 – Storegull – New opening
Navember 7, 2015Småscenen, now Teaterkjelleren, The National Stage – Worldwide premiere