Snorre Sturlason

Snorre Sturlason was an Icelandic leader, historian and poet at the time when Iceland was part of Norway. He was most likely born in 1178 or 1179, and he died in 1241.


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Nationality Icelandic, Norwegian
Gender Male

The writing of Snorre Sturlason probably was done in the years 1220–35. The eldest collection is most likely Edda, with overview of Norse mythology. This is also called Prose Edda, not to be confused with The Elder Edda AKA The Poetic Edda (unknown writer).

The historical writing of Snorre is usually called Heimskringla (literally: The Orb of the World). Many have believed that he also wrote Egil's saga.


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Heimskringla AKA The Orb of the World Literature – Author
Snorre's Edda Literature – Author