George's Marvellous Medicine

George's Marvellous Medicine (2018) is a theatre production for children by The Norwegian Touring Theatre, Haugesund Theatre and Sogn og Fjordane Theatre, based on the book for children by Roald Dahl, in a theatrical adaption by Morten Joachim. Gunnar Eiriksson and Espen Mauno have composed the music for the production. The production opened at The Norwegian Touring Theatre, prior to being performed on tour.

Morten Joachim directed it.

Espen Mauno played the role of George, in Norway called Georg.

Ulla Marie Broch played the role of his grandmother.

The production is performed at Haugesund Theatre and in the touring area of Sogn og Fjordane Theatre in 2019.


(Objekt ID 88926)
Object type Production
Premiere October 4, 2018
Produced by The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
In collaboration with Teater Vestland, Haugesund Theatre
Based on George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl
Audience Children
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Comedy, Performance for children
Running period October 4, 2018  

At the webpage of The Norwegian Touring Theatre the following, among other things, is written about George's Marvellous Medicine:

"George's grandmother isn't like other cute and kind grandmothers. She is scary and whines and complains and growls and makes a noise and interferes with everything. George wants to teach her a lesson. So, when she is to take her medicine, he makes her a bubbling, steaming, magical medicine, guaranteed to send her through the roof..."


The Norwegian Touring Theatre,, 05.10.2018,

Performance dates
February 11, 2019Operasalen, Operahuset Nordfjord Show
February 10, 2019Stryn Kulturhus Show
February 9, 2019Nordfjordhallen Idrett- og Kulturanlegg Show
February 8, 2019Flora Samfunnshus Show
February 6, 2019Teatersalen, Førdehuset, Teater Vestland Show
February 5, 2019Høyanger Samfunnshus Show
February 4, 2019Årdal Kulturhus Show
February 3, 2019Storsalen, Sogndal Kulturhus Show
2019Hovedscenen, Festiviteten, Haugesund Theatre New opening
October 10, 2018Riksteatret, The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret) Tour Premiere
October 4, 2018Storegull, Riksteatret, The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret) Opening night