Bare barn* (Just Children)

Premiére date20 Nov. 2003
Produced byThe Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
In collaboration withTeater Joker, Barske Glæder Productions, Carte Blanche, Masthuggsteatern
AudienceAdults, Children
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children , Seminar, Debate, Dialogue seminar, Workshop
Running period20 Nov. 2003  —  23 Nov. 2003
WebsiteDet Åpne Teater, Teater Joker, MasthuggsTeatern, Barske Glæder Produksjoner, Carte Blanche

About Bare barn* (Just Children)

Bare barn* (Just Children) was a seminar about drama for children, arranged by The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) November 20-22 2003, emphasising drama for children aged 5-10 years.

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    More about Bare barn* (Just Children)

    The seminar Bare barn* (Just Children) in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) put the role of the playwright on the agenda, posing questions such as:

    - Literature for children is a great success in Norway. Why isn’t drama for children?

    - Should theatre for children be education or art?

    - Do children need art?

    - Is contemporary theatre for children estimated as fully valid contemporary drama?

    - How can the artistic and economic status of drama for children be increased?

    - Why aren’t more playwrights writing for children?

    The program during Bare Barn was as follows:

    Thursday November 20:

    "What do children wish from the theatre?" Children talk about theatre.

    Vinden viskar* (Wind Whispers) by MasthuggsTeatern, visiting performance from Sweden.

    Conversation onstage.

    "To create for children": Debate about art education. Speakers: Jonna Oulund (leader for the playwright education at the theatre academy of Odsherred Teaterskole, Denmark); Halldis Hoaas (dean at The National Academy of Theatre, Oslo); Signe Karlsnes (from Norwegian Academy of Music); Leif Hernes (from Oslo College University). Led by: Ragnhild Mærli, dramaturge.

    Friday November 21:

    Prinsessen av Lilleland* (The Princess of the Little Land), Barske Glæder.

    Conversation onstage.

    "Theatre for children, contemporary drama of full worth?" Debate about new drama for children. Speakers: Jonna Oulund (from the theatre academy of Odsherred Teaterskole, Denmark); Rolf Sossna (artistic leader of Masthuggsteatern in Gothenburg); Dag Larsen (from Norwegian Writers for Children); Kristian Seltun (theatre manager Black Box Teater). Led by: Anne Karen Hytten, instructor.

    Open reading of texts and presentation of playwrights. Led by: Hanne Tømta, instructor. Janne Langaas, actress/playwright. Start of two workshops.

    Saturday November 22:

    Workshops with actors continue.

    Hando Kjendo, Teater Joker.

    Conversation onstage.

    Once, Carte Blanche, visiting performance from Denmark

    Conversation onstage.

    Presentation of workshop. Led by: Hanne Tømta, instructor. Janne Langaas, actress/playwright.

    Bare barn was supported by Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA.

    Source: The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater), Archive, program Bare barn