Carte Blanche

Danish Carte Blanche was established in 2000 by artistic director Sara Topsøe-Jensen.

Carte Blanche works with a scenic expression finding its logic and understanding in the leaping, freely associating thinking we know from dreams. The company produces performances in which the human desire for taking part in the creation of the story, abstraction and playing is challenged and stimulated.

Source: Carte Blanche,, 05.11.2010,


(Objekt ID 8383)
Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Theatre, Multidisciplinary art
Established January 1, 2000
Website Carte Blanche

Contact information

Address Kasernevej 13 , 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Own productions
Title Premiere
Edvard – January 15, 2015
PITE - SHARIFI – January 20, 2014
Beyond Borders – June 5, 2003
Bach og bånsull – March 13, 2002
Sara Topsøe-Jensen – Artistic director