Henvendelser* (Approaches)

Premiére date3 Mar. 2010
Produced byNorwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP)
Based onBrev til Mestad by Finn Iunker; Legens monolog by Sara Eva Johnsen; Flyttemonolog by Cecilie Løveid; Om klasseskiller by Kim Atle Hansen; Ii dát leat dat eana (dette er ikkje den jorda) by Inga Ravna Eira; A Body by Geir Gulliksen; Eg vil ha eit manus* (I want a manuscript) by Maria Tryti Vennerød; Juletresong* (Christmas tree song) by Jon Fosse
AudienceAdults, Youth
Number of events6
LanguageNorwegian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and Sami
ExpressionsMonologue, Contemporary dance, Performance, Music, Video, Theatre, Multidisciplinary
Running period3 Mar. 2010  —  12 Mar. 2010
WebsiteDramatikkens hus

About Henvendelser* (Approaches)

The opening production at Dramatikkens hus - Henvendelser* (Approaches) the spring of 2010 - was based on the following wording: "The origin of the theatre lays in an approach from an actor to a listener. The approach happens here and now, and to a certain degree it includes fictionalisation. An approach is a predicament for any dialogue."

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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    More about Henvendelser* (Approaches)

    Based on the phrasing above, Dramatikkens hus asked a number of dramatists and writers to produce a text for a solo performance of approximately seven minutes.

    Dramatikkens hus asked some leading directors to stage these texts and contacted and hired central actors. At the same time Dramatikkens Hus wished to open for other artistic, content-related and formal approaches to the subject. Hence Dramatikkens Hus contacted some of the country's leading performers within contemporary dance, performance and film plus a young composer – and asked for their responses to the challenge.

    Brev til Mestad* (Letter to Mestad) by Finn Iunker. With: Anna Bache-Wiig. Direction: Victoria Meirik. A playwright tries to reach a named actor. They have mutual experience related to a specific existential event. Finn Iunker’s Brev til Mestad is a meta-text about approaching someone, with a poetic tone to it.

    Legens monolog* (The doctor's monologue) by Sara Eva Johnsen. With: Emil Johnsen. Direction: Sara Eva Johnsen. A regional doctor experiences strange and seemingly random things connected to a spot of blood. Is there a connection? The movie director and writer Sara Eva Johnsen has in Legens monolog created a game with genres about the meeting between blood and the erotic.

    Flyttemonolog* (Moving Monologue) by Cecilie Løveid. With: Ulla M. Broch. Direction: Jon Tombre. A woman packs boxes after a mother’s death. What is a life? How many lives do we have? In Flyttemonolog Cecilie Løveid spins poetry concerning connections in life.

    Om klasseskiller* (About class divides) by and with Kim Atle Hansen. Direction: Kjell Moberg. Kim Atle Hansen’s Om klasseskiller is a lecture, a theatrical examination of different aspects connected to communication principles in humans and animals.

    Ii dát leat dat eana (dette er ikkje den jorda)* (This is not that Earth) by Inga Ravna Eira. With: Anitta Suikkari. Direction: Harriet Nordlund. A Sami goddess descends – and meets a culture in which destruction has become a way of living. The poet Inga Ravna Eira makes her playwright debut with Ii dát leat dat eana (dette er ikkje den jorda).

    7 PERFORMANCES by and with Kurt Johannessen. The performance artist Kurt Johannessen acts differently every night in 7 PERFORMANCES, always within the range of the conceptual, the personal and the poetical.

    Flenge* (Split) by Gunnar Wærness. Performer: Silje Aker Johnsen. Composition: Erik Dæhlin. A textual landscape, Gunnar Wærness' Flenge, is penetrated by different musical and actionist strategies – strictly staged by the composer Erik Dæhlin.

    En kropp* (A body) by Geir Gulliksen. With: Ole Johan Skjelbred. Direction: Runar Hodne. A linguistic and theatrical journey "within" a physical body. Fragments of meetings, dimensions beyond the physical, are examined. The poet/writer Geir Gulliksen makes his first theatrical attempts with En kropp.

    FIELD WORKS FOR DRAMATIKKENS HUS, choreography and dance: Heine Røsdal Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki. Heine Røsdal Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki belong to the contemporary dance circles in Brussels. Their work is characterised by an examining attitude, at a personal as well as conceptual level.

    Eg vil ha eit manus* (I want a manuscript) by Maria Tryti Vennerød. With: Frøydis Armand. Direction: Kjersti Horn. Who do you approach in our times? And why? Eg vil ha eit manus by playwright Maria Tryti Vennerød is a satirical, subtle text about meeting an audience.

    Juletresong* (Christmas tree song) by Jon Fosse. With: Eindride Eidsvold. Direction: Eirik Stubø. A man has spent Christmas alone. But alone? In which manner? In Jon Fosse’s Juletresong the prosaic and the metaphysical are put into mutual play.


    Dramatikkens hus, dramatikkenshus.no, 04.09.2010, http://dramatikkenshus.no/pub/dramatikkenshus/Innhold/kalenderarkiv/?aid=792&cid=1045&viewall=1#dramatikkenshus

    *Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.