Finn Iunker

Finn Iunker is a Norwegian playwright, translator and writer. His first play, The Answering Machine, came in 1994. He has also written the plays Iphigeneia, Dealing with Helen and Play Alter Native. Finn Iunker has often been performed in Europe, in countries including Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, England, Austria and Belgium. He has also been staged in Canada.


(Objekt ID 3208)
Object type Person
Born March 27, 1969
Functions Author, Translator, Dramatist/Playwright
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Member of Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN
Adresse Oslo, Norway

In 2006 Finn Iunker received the Norwegian Ibsen Prize. At this time he had mainly been performed outside of Norway.

The first Norwegian production of one of his plays took place in 2006, when the Norwegian company Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions staged Finn Iunker’s Iphigeneia. This production won Performing Arts Hub Norway's award for best production in 2007, and it was also nominated for the Hedda Award 2007 in the theatre project of the year category.

The winter of 2008 Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions staged The Answering Machine, and the autumn 2008 the company followed with Dealing with Helen. Trøndelag Theatre staged Finn Iunker’s Iphigeneia the autumn of 2010.

Among Finn Iunker's plays are:

The Shameful Murder in Skippergata (written 2006, published 2007), Orkhon’s Death (2005), Preparation for Hades (2005), Iphigeneia (2003), Dealing with Helen(2003), Play alter native(1999), Anwendung (1995), The Answering Machine (1994).

Among his books are:

Ventiler (literally: Valves, Kolon 1995), Tre Skuespill (literally: Three Plays, Cappelen 2004), Fortellinger (literally: Stories, Cappelen 2006).

Finn Iunker has translated plays by Sarah Kane, Franz Xaver Kroetz and David Mamet among others.


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Title Premiere Role
Kamp om vann* (Battle for Water) Script – Author
Orkhon's Death 2005, Script – Author
Cirka pari* (Circa Par) 2010, Script, Satire – Author
The Shameful Murder in Skippergata 2006, Script – Author
Fortellinger* (Stories) 2006, Literature, Short story – Author
Sunrise. Transfusion. 1998, Script – Author
Valves 1995, Literature, Short story – Author
Brev til Mestad Script – Author
Iphigeneia 2003, Script – Author
Play Alter Native 1999, Script – Author
Dealing with Helen 2003, Script – Author
Preparation for Hades 2005, Script – Author
Med en blyant i hver hånd 1993, Script – Author
The Answering Machine 1994, Script – Author
Anvendelse* (Usage) 1995, Script – Author