Wayfarers AKA Vagabonds

Wayfarers (2016) is a theatre production by The Norwegian Touring Theatre and The Arctic Theatre. It is based on August, the second novel in the novel trilogy Wayfarers by Knut Hamsun (also known as Vagabonds), in a new theatrical adaptation by Yngve Sundvor. The opening took place at Scene Vest, The Arctic Theatre.

Yngve Sundvor directed it.

Eirik del Barco Soleglad interpreted the role of August.


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Object type Production
Premiere September 7, 2016
Produced by The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret), The Arctic Theatre
Based on August by Knut Hamsun
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre
Running period September 7, 2016  

At the website of The Norwegian Touring Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Wayfarers:

"The trilogy about August stands like a stone pillar in Knut Hamsun's writing, and in Nordic literature. Now the story is resurrected in a grand-scale collaboration between The Norwegian Touring Theatre and The Arctic Theatre.

August has sailed the seven seas and has ideas the little community Polden in the county of Nordland has barely heard of. From being a small agricultural village with fish as the primary source of income, August builds Polden to a small urban society, with villas, post office, bank and factory. August is an entrepreneur and a saviour, but also a monumental liar who cares more about the game than the results. In the wake of the projects he initiates follow significant problems for those who let themselves be taken in.

Hamsun's classic is a lot about building a future, a life. At The Norwegian Touring Theatre, the story is presented with a lot of humour and warmth, by a unique ensemble consisting of nine actors. Like all great classics this story, too, has something to tell us today, and it still feels as topical.

Director Yngve Sundvor and stage designer Arne Nøst had great success with Pan in 2009. Now the team is gathered again, and this time, they take us to Polden, where August seduces us with his enthusiasm, charm and imagination. Wayfarers is based on Knut Hamsun's August, adapted by Yngve Sundvor."


The Norwegian Touring Theatre, www.riksteatret.no, 25.05.2016, http://riksteatret.no/repertoar/landstrykere/

Performance dates
October 13, 2016 Tour Premiere
September 7, 2016Scene Vest, Hålogaland Teater, The Arctic Theatre Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Hamsuns bygdefabel formidles humoristisk, tydelig og effektivt (literally: Hamsun's rural fable is humorously, clearly and efficiently conveyed), Dagbladet, September 8 2016:

"Wayfarers is a theatre production in the spirit of August. He is a charming charlatan, a creative capitalist, a hard-working clown. Eirik del Barco Soleglad is a good choice for the role. Showman, jester, spreader of merriment- skilled in abrupt temperamental outbursts and softly sliding physical antics. (…) His counterpart is Pauline, who manages the small store, the coffee shop, the post office and the bank. Kristine Henriksen represents common sense, with the ability to act, but far more cautious than her vagabond co-actor. Far before they dance their tango in the performance, they have been dancing a tango, two ways of life in a battle of wills, at the same time opposition and collaboration. The people of the village - reduced to a central selection - also let themselves be led by them. Only Edevart (Munch) dance to his own tune, like the sound of the prairie wind, or a country song without hope of getting the wife or the horse back."