Trollringen* (The Troll Ring)

Premiére date25 May. 2007
Produced byCirkus Xanti
CoproducersBergen International Festival, Hedmark Theatre, Berny Norge AS
AudienceFamilies, Children
ExpressionsDance theatre, Storytelling theatre, Contemporary circus, Circus, Fairytale, Music, Theatre, Dance, Performance for the Family, Performance for children
Running period25 May. 2007  
Duration80 minutter
WebsiteCirkus Xanti

About Trollringen* (The Troll Ring)

Trollringen* (The Troll Ring) by Cirkus Xanti.

From time to other, a rare occurrence, you can come to see a shooting star in the sky of night. And from time to time every piece of the puzzle falls into place, the solitaire is solved, the football hits the goalpost to go into the goal and the audience member experiences a shooting star in the circus ring.

Trollringen wants to be such a shooting star – adventurous circus theatre presented in a circus tent, a circus without animals, guaranteed to fascinate the whole family. Circus artists and actors present their story with breakneck demonstrations of circus art and playful joy of narration.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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More about Trollringen* (The Troll Ring)

The roles in Trollringen* (The Troll Ring) by Cirkus Xanti are filled by world class circus artists, all of them educated at the national circus school in Canada and experienced from new circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil and 7 Fingers of the Hand. Together with two Norwegian actors they brought the audience to a colourful world of poetry, magic and mystique.

Trollringen is an independent sequel to Prince of the Trolls from 2003. The audience reunites with the little troll girl Trille, who is searching for the Troll Ring, because the gold from the ring can prevent the sun from burning and give the humans a new chance to defeat evil, so that the earth will become a better place for everyone. But along the way she meets many hindrances.


Cirkus Xanti,, 29.07.2010,

Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival,, 29.07.2010,