The Lady from the Sea

The Lady from the Sea (2013) was a theatre production by Rogaland Theatre, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. It was performed in the theatre's venue Intimscenen.

Tatu Hämäläinen directed it.

Nina Ellen Ødegård interpreted the role of Ellida Wangel.

The Lady from the Sea visited The Ibsen Festival at The National Theatre in 2014.


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Object type Production
Premiere September 7, 2013
Produced by Rogaland Theatre
Based on The Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period September 7, 2013  —  2014

The complete ensembles of The Lady from the Sea and Perplex by Rogaland Theatre won The Hedda Award 2014 in the special artistic achievement category. In The Lady from the Sea the ensemble consisted of the actors Nina Ellen Ødegård, Cato Skimten Storengen, Helga Guren, Ingrid Rusten, Lars Funderud Johannessen and Glenn André Kaada.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The jury is free to decide if to give out a Hedda Award in the special artistic achievement category. This year the jury wishes to do so. The award doesn't go to a director, stage designer or playwright. Nor is it given to a single actor. Based on two productions at one and the same theatre the award goes to the full cast for their ensemble play.

The jury wants to honour the interaction between actors; the collective process lifting the individual's strong performance to theatre experiences of particular quality and value. One of the productions is a classic, the other a modern play. In both cases we found in the interaction a clarity and a naturalism demanding generosity and a feeling of security in the cast. This collective is a condition for the theatre.

The special artistic achievement award goes to the full ensembles of the productions The Lady from the Sea and Perplex at Rogaland Theatre."

The Lady from the Sea by Rogaland Theatre marked the reopening of the theatre's intimate stage after its renovation.


Rogaland Theatre, performance program

The Hedda Award 2014,, 16.06.2014,

Contributors (15)
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Tatu Hämäläinen – Direction
Franz Edvard Cedrins – Music
Michael Evans – Dramaturge
Chrisander Brun – Stage design
Chrisander Brun – Costume design
Chrisander Brun – Lighting design
Helga Guren – Actor (Bolette )
Lars Funderud Johannessen – Actor (Overlærer Arnholm)
Marko Kanic – Actor (Overlærer Arnholm)
Glenn André Kaada – Actor (Lyngstrand)
Ingrid Rusten – Actor (Hilde)
Cato Skimten Storengen – Actor (Dr. Wangel)
Nina Ellen Ødegård – Actor (Ellida Wangel)
Chrisander Brun – Photo
Performance dates
September 7, 2013 18:00 – Intimscenen, Rogaland Teater, Rogaland Theatre Opening night