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Perplex is a theatre production by Rogaland Theatre, produced in 2014, and based on a play by Marius von Mayenburg.

Glenn André Kaada directed it and was nominated for The Hedda Award 2014 in the best direction category.

Perplex won The Hedda Award 2014 in the production of the year category, and the complete ensembles of Perplex and The Lady from the Sea won The Hedda Award 2014 in the special artistic achievement category. In Perplex, the ensemble consisted of the actors Ragnhild Mønnes, Svein Solenes, Øystein Martinsen and Ingrid Rusten.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 24, 2014
Produced by Rogaland Theatre
Based on Perplex AKA Perplexed by Marius von Mayenburg
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Comedy
Running period January 24, 2014  —  December 12, 2015
Duration 1 hour, 40 minutes, no interval
Website Rogaland Teater

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the production of the year award:

"The winner of The Hedda Award in the best production category is a playful, thoughtful and intelligent performance, succeeding in making complex philosophical problems and reflections accessible for the audience without turning to simplifying.

The director and the actors have realised the text's potential through using the theatre's options in creating a world where one may twist and turn reality. The result is an imaginative, entertaining staging, which invites the audience to examine the idea that categories such as identity, time and space are not as stable as we like to believe.

The production is not just rewarded because it pulled the audience with it into a world in which reality is dissolved and constantly changing. It also deserves recognition because it shows what artistic value there is in a successful collaboration between director and ensemble.

The production of the year award goes to Perplex."

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the special artistic achievement award:

"The jury is free to decide if to give out a Hedda Award in the special artistic achievement category. This year the jury wishes to do so. The award doesn't go to a director, stage designer or playwright. Nor is it given to a single actor. Based on two productions at one and the same theatre the award goes to the full cast for their ensemble play.

The jury wants to honour the interaction between actors; the collective process lifting the individual's strong performance to theatre experiences of particular quality and value. One of the productions is a classic, the other a modern play. In both cases we found in the interaction a clarity and a naturalism demanding generosity and a feeling of security in the cast. This collective is a condition for the theatre.

The special artistic achievement award goes to the full ensembles of the productions The Lady from the Sea and Perplex at Rogaland Theatre."

At the webpage of Rogaland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Perplex:

"Perplex is an absurd comedy of errors, throwing the audience into an existential freefall. Can you trust your own perception of reality? Are you sure that the Earth is round, that the sky is blue or that you are you? Is God dead or has he just forgotten about us?

Perplex is a kaleidoscope of situations and characters, spinning on in an intricate manner. It is a humorous theatre game in which theatre and reality switches places and theories of Platon, Darwin and Nietzsche are mixed in. This combination may make anyone feel surprised, filled with wonder, confused, struck or perplex, if you like.

The four actors who without inhibitions throw themselves into the madness, challenging reality, are Ragnhild Mønnes, Svein Solenes, Øystein Martinsen and Ingrid Rusten."


Rogaland Theatre, www.rogaland-teater.no, 06.03.2014, http://www.rogaland-teater.no/program/perpleks

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Contributors (14)
Name Role
Marius von Mayenburg – Playwright
Thomas Bjørnager – Translation
Glenn André Kaada – Direction (Heddanominert 2014)
Arne Nøst – Music
Michael Evans – Dramaturge
Arne Nøst – Stage design
Janne Robberstad – Costume design
Torill Lund – Lighting design
Kamilla Grønli Hartvig – Actor (Kamilla - 2015)
Øystein Martinsen – Actor (Øystein)
Ragnhild Arnestad Mønness – Actor (Ragnhild - 2014)
Ingrid Rusten – Actor (Ingrid)
Svein Solenes – Actor (Svein)
Stig Håvard Dirdal – Photo
Performance dates
Navember 21, 2015Intimscenen, Rogaland Teater, Rogaland Theatre New opening
January 24, 2014 19:00 – Intimscenen, Rogaland Teater, Rogaland Theatre Opening night
Awards - Nominations (1)