Arien Album - Life is but a broken promise

Premiére date1994
Produced byPassage Nord Project
CoproducersOpera West, Lillehammer OL
ExpressionsOpera, Musical theatre
Running period1994  

About Arien Album

Arien Album (1994) by Passage Nord Project / Kjetil Skøien.

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Press review

Skribent og dato ukjent, Hamar Arbeiderblad [Hamar]:
"Sopranene Anne-Lise Berntsen og Siri Torjesen er opptatt av å utvikle konsertrepertoaret sitt i nye retninger. Når man utfordrer grensene for genre som opera, operette og kabaret, er det tillatt å bryte forventninger: "Kanskje mest gledelig: Her står to musikere som kan oppfatte hverandre som konkurrenter, men som lot skapertrangen overskygge dét. Hvor lang tid skal det gå før flere tør å gjøre noe liknende? Praktfult musikalsk. Glimrende regi og scenografi."

More about Arien Album

In Passage Nord's catalogue the following is written about Arien Album:

"Two women operasingers and one male pianist are the players in this concert performance which is a commissioned work form the Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games. The two singers presents a number of well-known opera arias and jazz songs which are tied together by text fragments from plays by Maurice Maeterlinck, given in dialogue. Both the song texts and the play texts are of dreams about men who do not exist, about places one longs to be. Throughout, the singers relate to objects in a performance language, movements are strictly choreographed. The theme is the dream and the love described by such different composers as Purcell and Schönberg. The mood is one of melancholy, of painful farewells, death, war and unrequited love. All in all, there are thirteen different composers represented in this "album". Remains from theatres and operas from bygone times lie strewen about the stage, mostly in white plaster and as a contrast, black cannon balls are rolled between the classical fragments. The singers participate in each other's solos with actions and objects."


Buresund, Inger og Anne-Britt Gran (red.) (1996). Frie grupper og Black Box Teater. 1970-1995. Oslo: ad Notam Gyldendal

Catalogue, PASSAGE NORD 1986-1996. Kjetil Skøien, performance, installation. Donated by: Kjetil Skøien, May 2010. Translation: Ruth Waaler.

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