I want to kiss all the women in the world - Nur Nicht aus Liebe Weine

Premiére date17 Sep. 1993
Produced byPassage Nord Project
CoproducersBlack Box Teater
Number of events6
Running period17 Sep. 1993  —  22 Sep. 1993

About I want to kiss all the women in the world

I want to kiss all the women in the world (1993) by Passage Nord Project.

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In Passage Nord's catalogue the following is written about I want to kiss all the women in the world:

"A fragmented performance based on texts by six modern European writers concerning the pleasures and problems of love. The parts are overacted in such a way that the humour in them becomes dangerous. They are tied together by a number of dance scenes and actions with objects. Three men and three women constantly change relationships, sometimes in couples, in threesome or alone in monolouge. The actors who are not in focus become the onlookers, voyeurs of the others' actions. They are on the outside just like the real audience. There is also emphasis on the gender role and the image of the outsider, the voyeur who does not participate. The audience is made consciousof their own urge to peep, to watch the actors. The players are figures in a modern textlandscape more than individuals with a total psychology. Theatrtical effects are utilized, the actors are experienced in realistic roles and this is strengthened in the scenes. Sometimes they interrupt each other with comments on themselves, the others or on the situation; being an actor or an onlooker. Questions are asked about genuineness, acting, privacy, by means of distinct changes in acting styles. Some of the texts are true, private stories, improvised by the actors, for example, a description of the clothes they have on, or a personal object with a special history such as the empty scent bottle the woman has had standing there all her life. The actors make fun of themselves and their profession in monologues about the woman who chases after every role, and takes whatever she can get, and has to be at the right place at the right time in order to get a part.

The visuals express a non-space, a place where young people are on their way out or in. A pile of cardboard boxes, an old sofa with an easy chair, an ironing board. The women are carried in and placed like objects on the sofa while Talking Heads' "Road to nowhere" is heard. A woman irons twenty-five men's underpants while the man moves about as though it is he who is being stroked."


Buresund, Inger og Anne-Britt Gran (red.) (1996). Frie grupper og Black Box Teater. 1970-1995. Oslo: ad Notam Gyldendal

Catalogue, PASSAGE NORD 1986-1996. Kjetil Skøien, performance, installation. Donated by: Kjetil Skøien, May 2010. Translation: Ruth Waaler.