The Bakkanalen (2008)is a result of the "It doesn't workshop" - a series of performance workshops Baktruppen conducted with students in Norway and the UK. In the workshops, Baktruppen used some of their older productions as starting points for the students work. Seeing this old work made new, often in unexpected ways, was the start of the "Bakkanalen" project.


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Object type Production
Premiere Navember 28, 2008
Produced by Baktruppen
Audience Adults
Number of events 3
Language English
Keywords Performance, Musical theatre, Multidisciplinary, Physical theatre, Comedy, Information, Concert, Post-dramatic theatre, Theatre, Work-in-progress, Theatre of the absurd
Running period Navember 28, 2008  —  Navember 30, 2008
Duration 3 hours
Website Baktruppen

Requirements to venue

Lights requirements 4 x 1kw fresnell 45 x 1kw zoom profile 4 x 2kw fresnell 7 x 1kw floodlight 4 x par64 cp 62 1 x 5kw fresnell 5 x pinspot Minimum 60 dimmer channels One lighting desk, Compulite Spark Top or simular Multi cables etc
Audio requirements 1 X 16 channel mixer on stage with four outs and 1 aux; Soundcraft 16-8-2 1 X PA set and 1 monitor set. The PA should be able to play loud. incl.sub-bass. 4 X good vocal microphone + stand (SM 58 or better) 2 x wireless microphones 1 X CD-player 1 X MD-player 3X contaktmicrophones
Other SET 1x white projection screen with stand (slidescreen), 1x red carpet 5x15m 2x mobile bars (on wheels) each bar: 6m long x 1,4 m high 1x overhead, 1x ballopticom (with video line out), 1x photoflash with stand, 1x heliumsgas (bottle for ballons) 1x keyboard 1x piano 1x acustic guitar 1 X VHS-player 1 x video monitor 1 X video-projector 1 X camera stand, min 2m high. Long video cabels (min. 15 m) Connection to water and ca. 15 m plastictube

For the Bakkanalen, 12 participants from the workshops were invited by Baktruppen to spend 11 days working at the Black Box Theatre on a completely new production based upon six of Baktruppen's earlier productions; Germania Tod in Berlin (1989), the adapted Heiner Müller drama. Tonight(1994), a hyper textual lecture on industry, technology, time, memory and financial collapse. When We Dead Awake (1990) - a multi-purpose all-round Ibsen production. Good Good Very Good (1996), cheers to alcohol, the Sami People and the Chinese. Super Per (1994) - highlights from Baktruppen's life as Peer Gynt based on Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. 

Bakkanalen will also include some interventions from the Baktrüppen Light Metal Band Baktruppen's own new production.


Baktruppen archive. Baktruppen. 04.03.2011

Program Black Box Teater, spring 2011

Performance dates
Navember 30, 2008Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
Navember 29, 2008Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
Navember 28, 2008Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Worldwide premiere