Concert for Greenland

Premiére date4 Mar. 2004
Produced byVerdensteatret
CoproducersBlack Box Teater
AudienceAdults, Youth
LanguageNorwegian and Danish
ExpressionsPuppetry, Installation, Concert, Live art, Musical theatre, Post-dramatic theatre, Performance, Theatre, Multidisciplinary, Object theatre, Video
Running period4 Mar. 2004  

About Concert for Greenland

Concert for Greenland is a production by Verdensteateret.

"That corpse you planted in your garden last year, has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?"

Concert for Greenland is an audio-visual composition where rusty mechanics meet new technology on the backside of a "video-shadow-theatre" on Greenland. It's a performance following the principle of "any media necessary", and visual art, sound, video, installation, text and theatre try to unite into one composition.

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Press review

Hilde Østby: Merkelig vakkert (literally: Strangely beautiful), 06.03.2004, Dagsavisen page 21 [Oslo]:
"Verdensteatret's intensely mystical and beautiful productions are like clips of a very old movie in a dead language, edited in a way which has left the action out. The result is composed of strange images, fragments of conversation and a highly processed and interesting landscape of sound. Concert for Greenland is a beautiful performance, a concert in which sound and image melt into a higher unit. This is an aesthetic experience one can only understand if one experiences it."

More about Concert for Greenland

In Concert for Greenland by Verdensteatret Greenland is the main focal point of the work. The material is based on travels and research around the Northwest-Atlantic countries Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands and Norway from August until November 2003. In Oslo all the material collected on these trips went into a deeper artistic process, and in the end a concentrate was, the way Verdensteatret says it, "sweated out".

Verdensteatret says: "Our longest stay was in Greenland and it made a deep impression on us. The ambivalence we often felt during our stay there has through the process transformed into a deep fascination. The subconscious experience of our travels there is rebuilt through dreams and our unreliable memory and resulted in these artistic transformations. Concert for Greenland is a work in honour of Greenland."

Performances not clear from the performance date list:


DETOX/BIT. Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway

Avant Garden. Trondheim, Norway

Kulturhuset Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden

The Norwegian Opera/KHiO (Performing at a seminar on space-related art) Oslo, Norway

Stamsund International Theatre Festival. Lofoten, Norway.                


Steirischer herbst festival. Graz, Austria.

De Singel. Antwerp, Belgium.

TRAFO House of Contemporary Art. Budapest, Hungary.

International Theatre Festival Divadelna. Nitra, Slovakia.

PS 122. New York City, USA


Verdensteatret,, 05.12.2010: