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Operation Almenrausch

Operation Almenrausch was an audiovisual hearing by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen based among other things on research material by historian Torgrim Titlestad.

Operation Almenrausch explored documentarism and installation as aesthetic strategies in stage arts. The performance communicated a silenced part of Norwegian war and post-war history, and discussed the writing of history, in a performance adjusted for youth and beyond in the Norwegian (art) public.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 16, 2008
In collaboration with Kilden Theatre, Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret Bergen, Opera Sør, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Stiftelsen Arkivet
Audience Youth, Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Musical theatre, Apprentice play, Post-dramatic theatre, Theatre, Documentary
Running period October 16, 2008  
Duration 80 minutes
Website Transiteatret-Bergen

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

Operation Almenrausch was the code name of Josef Terboven's massive storming of the hidden communist camp at Buahaugen in Øystre Slidre the early summer of 1944 - an operation not widely known to the general public of Norway as of today.

Operation Almenrausch by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen was not about Milorg or the resistance group commonly referred to as "The boys in the Woods", but about communists and "The girls in the Mountains".

Thus the Operation Almenrausch story was no mere anecdote in the shadows of what Vagn Lid calls 'The Good (War) History'.

The frame story was Samuel Titlestad's own, from when he in 1940 in Bergen began the work of establishing a resistance movement around the Norwegian Communist Party leader Peder Furubotn, over the battles in the cities and the mountains, to silence and degradation and absolute helplessness in the social democratic post-war Norway. The history with a capital H, the history of the victors and the collective national self-esteem, how high a price are we willing to pay for it?

Operation Almenrausch won the Hedda Award 2009 in the category of theatre event of the year.

The Hedda Jury reasoned as follows:

"This category announces a performance that is an event outside of the ordinary! This goes for the winner of the year to a high degree. The original stage concept goes far in breaking down the divide between spectators and performers, technically advanced effects, not immediately connected to the theatre, are used exactly to fortify and develop the theatre as an art form, while the true story being told brings important, well-documented knowledge about a forgotten episode from our near past, while placing important ethical dilemmas in front of the spectator. The production awakens enthusiasm because it succeeds in confounding our notions of what theatre is to be.

The event of the year is Tore Vagn Lid's Operation Almenrausch."


Stiftelsen Arkivet, stiftelsen-arkivet.no, 01.08.2010, http://www.stiftelsen-arkivet.no/operasjon_almenrausch

Name Role
Tore Vagn Lid – Concept/Idea
Tore Vagn Lid – Direction
Maria Wolgast – Costume design
Are Viktor Hauffen – Video/Film
Stig Nordhagen – Musical arrangement
Tore Vagn Lid – Sound design
Roar Sletteland – Sound design
Henrik Fjellstad – Lighting design
Katrine Dale – Actor
Tor Christian Faugstad Bleikli – Actor
Niklas Westerberg – Actor
Kari Ingelsrud – Musician
Olivera Marinkovic – Musician
Henning Seldal – Musician
Regimantas Stankus – Musician
Thorolf Thuestad – Sound technician
Rune Andreassen – Video technician
Sidsel Graffer – Production manager
Performance dates
Navember 1, 2009 18:00 – Logen , METEOR – Show
Navember 1, 2009Logen , METEOR – Show
October 31, 2009 18:00 – Logen , METEOR – Show
October 30, 2009 20:30 – Logen , METEOR – Show
October 29, 2009 20:30 – Logen , METEOR – Show
October 16, 2008 – Worldwide premiere
METEOR October 29, 2009
Press coverage

IdaLou Larsen. Klassekampen:

"Operation Almenrausch, a grand, intellectually challenging and onstage innovative production. Using video, authentic recordings, music appropriate of the period, original stage design and young, capable performers the director, Vagn Lid, manages to recreate a bygone period of our history while challenging us to take a stand in the ethical dilemmas the human has to face in extraordinary situations."

VG, Astrid Sletbakk:

"The mission Tore Vagn Lid has taken upon himself is enormous. He draws a political backdrop reflecting Europe between wars, where the battle stands between communism and fascism, and he does it without losing sight of the nuances."

Gudbrandstølen Dagningen, H. Øistad:

"As a history lesson this must be a sure winner. As an open theatre performance for adults it is a great experience"