The Maids

The Maids is a production by the performing arts company Kompani Krapp in collaboration with Black Moon Theatre Company.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 6, 2011
Produced by Kompani Krapp, Black Moon Theatre Company
Based on The Maids by Jean Genet
Audience Adults
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period October 6, 2011  

At the webpage of Kompani Krapp one can read the following about The Maids:

"The Maids caused a scandal when it opened in Paris in 1947, because of its strong description of the simmering dissatisfaction of the working class.

This dark, sombre play tells the story of two sisters who are maids in an overclass home in Paris. During night they are involved in a secret revenge ritual while their mistress is not present. The story follows the sisters as they weave through past and present, fiction and imagination, truth and lies, and eventually, revelation and flight. For Solange and Claire the ritual becomes reality as they face the ultimate challenge, in the form of despair, jealousy, hatred and sisterly love."

The production is a collaboration project between Kompani Krapp and The Black Moon Theatre Company from New York. The Maids was performed at Scene USF in Bergen in October 2011, and is to be performed in New York during the autumn of 2012.


Kompani Krapp, 16.10.11:

Contributors (10)
Name Role
Rene Migliaccio – Direction
Fredrik Sivertsen – Stage design
Pernile Adine Nordby – Costume design
Thomas Bendiksen – Lighting design
Kristine Nordby Simonsen – Actor
Beate Bednar – Actor
Marie Grung – Actor
Pernile Adine Nordby – Mask design
Marianne Melhuus Olderkjær – Assistant
Ina T. L. Grevstad – Main producer
Performance dates
October 6, 2011Scene USF, USF Verftet Opening night