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Jean Genet

Jean Genet was a French writer and playwright.


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Object type Person
Born December 19, 1910 (dead April 15, 1986)
Functions Author, Dramatist/Playwright
Nationality French
Gender Male
Involved in productions (14)
Title Premiere Role
The Journal (Between Two Hands) October 13, 2017 Author
The Maids (The National Theatre) March 8, 2014 Playwright
Balkongen (Trøndelag Theatre) April 25, 1998 Playwright
The Maids (The National Theatre) May 8, 1991 Playwright
The Maids (Teaterselskapet) December 3, 1985 Playwright
Balkongen (Rogaland Theatre) February 8, 1980 Playwright
The Maids (Scene 7) 1970 Playwright
Hushjelpene (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) February 27, 1964 Playwright
The Balcony (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) February 18, 1964 Playwright
The Maids (The National Stage) May 2, 1950 Playwright
The Maids (Det Nye Teater) March 19, 1950 Playwright
The Maids (Teatr Akne) Playwright
Les Bonnes (Compagnie Jean-Marie Serrau) Playwright
The Maids (Teaterkompaniet Det Møgels) Playwright
Artworks (4)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Haute Surveillance Script – Author
En tyvs dagbok Literature, Novel – Author
The Maids 1947, Script, One-act Play, Drama – Author
The Balcony 1956, Script, Drama – Author