Kompani Krapp

Kompani Krapp is a professional performance art company based in Bergen.

At the webpage of the company one can read the following:

"Kompani Krappis a professional performing arts company established in 2006 by the actresses Kristine Nordby Simonsen and Beate Bednar. Kristine and Beate have their acting education from The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts - GITIS.

Both of them have long experience from former productions and they have worked together on a number of productions, as actresses and directors."


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Established 2006
Email post(at)krapp.no

Contact information

Address Vestre Torggaten 18, 5015 Bergen, Norway
Email post(at)krapp.no
Telefon +47 99582224

Other information

Legal entity Liable general partnership/ANS
Org nr. 993462500
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Kompani Krapp wishes to explore different sides of performing arts and uses, among other things, pop-cultural references and a mix of recently written and elder drama, plus other art forms.

Kompani Krapp collaborates with and hires different artists on a per production basis.

In 2008 actress Ina T. L. Grevstad became part of Krapp, and since then she has taken part as an actress and director.

Like her colleagues, Ina Grevstad is also educated at The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts – GITIS, graduating in 2007. In 2011 she was the producer of the project The Maids. She has wide experience from fiction film, commercials and theatre, as an actress and a director, and from other parts of the production process, such as coordinating and assisting the director.

Kompani Krapp is based in Bergen, but tours Norway and abroad.


Beate Bednar, Kompani Krapp, www.krapp.no 11.10.11: http://www.krapp.no/

Contributors (3)
Ina T. L. Grevstad – Actor (fra 2008)
Kristine Nordby Simonsen – Actor (fra 2006)
Beate Bednar – Actor (fra 2006)