This time it's Herman

Premiére date28 Jan. 1998
Produced byTemte Productions
CoproducersDrammens Teater, Tema Productions, The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
AudienceYouth (from 13 to 16)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for youth
Running period28 Jan. 1998  
DurationOne hour
WebsiteTemte Productions

About This time it's Herman

This time it’s Herman (1998)by Temte Productions is a theatre production in style of cabaret revolving around the life and poetry of Herman Wildenvey, springing out from an argument about copyright between the places of Stavern and Mjøndalen. The production is framed by a meeting between two persons with different backgrounds and different relationships to Wildenvey.

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More about This time it's Herman

The production This time it’s Herman by Temte Productions consists of well-known and unknown poems, such as The Ring, The Repentant and Kiss. Modern people meet the poet and the company has tried to liberate itself from the ideas how poetry is to be done. They want to reach both the poetry connoisseurs and those who meet poetry for the first time.

The script is made with foundation in improvised playing and creativity regarding the poems, independent of established opinions about Wildenvey and his work. In this game the company has began to see the contours of his life, and lets it shine through, without claiming knowledge to who he was or how he lived.

This time it’s Herman plays with the expression of poetry and attempts to let the essence of the poems speak to the audience here and now. The following poems have been used in the production: Anekdote, Kjærlighet, Unknown title (about the name of Wildenvey), Ved veia, Hergisheim, Kvinner og atter Kvinner, Møte, Beda Synger, February Dialogue, Eventyr, The Ring, Selma, Til Don Juan, Da Musene Holdt Råd, De Ensomme Ting, I Tanker, The Repentant, Insomnia, Vei, Alles Øyne, Speilet, Kiss, Fairytale for Til Ellen.

This time it’s Herman by Temte Productions was supported by the county of Buskerud and The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association’s freelance fund. Main sponsor: IP Pettersen A/S.

Source: Temte Productions, 08.11.2010

Most of the English-titled poems above are published in English translation in the book Owls to Athens. The rest of the poems have not yet been translated into English, but literally, their titles would be Anecdote, Love, By the road, Hergisheim (the name of Wildenvey’s home), Women and Women again, Meeting, Beda Sings, Fairytale, For Don Juan, When the Mice Held Council, The Lonely Things, In thoughts, Insomnia, Road, Everybody’s Eyes, The Mirror.