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Happy Doctor

Happy Doctor (2001) was a production by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions and Bal TeaterHappy Doctor was based on Anton Chekhov’s  The Three Sisters.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 10, 2001
Produced by Verk Produksjoner, Bal-teatret
Based on Three Sisters AKA The Three Sisters by Anton Tsjekhov
Audience Adults
Expressions Theatre
Running period January 10, 2001  
Website Verk Produksjoner

Happy Doctor by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions was a three-part production:

1. stop: A descent from a mountain as a trekking guide leads the audience down from the highest summit in the world: "They should count their fingers now, together. One-two-three. The snow is knocked from the boots. Fat is spread on lips, cheeks and nose. Four-five-six. The fingers are cracked, one by one, to increase the circulation. For the summit and its white crown. And for the silence in its presence. Seven-eight-nine and ten! Never stop!

2. stop: Dinner inn a house (quotes from Chekhov's Three Sisters): Being away is well and good, but being at home is better? It is the youngest sister's name day. The preparation for a party is going on. "I know absolutely nothing. I've forgotten all I ever knew, I remember nothing."

3. stop: A group travel tour to Bremen (Grimm's The Town Musicians of Bremen): The rabbit can no longer see, the watchdog has a prolapsed hip, the ass no longer manages to pull the wagon, and the pig is about to be slaughtered. They really just wait for death, but they decide going to Bremen to become town musicians. Four animals at sea, at land and in air, too, destined for milk and honey in Bremen.


Black Box Theater season program spring 2001

erk Productions, verkproduksjoner.no, 20.09.2021, http://verkproduksjoner.no/happy-doctor-2001/

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Gritt Ulldal-Jessen – Text
Fredrik Hannestad – Artistic director
Thomas Storm – Artistic director
Thomas Storm – Instruction
Ulf Knudsen – Music
Thomas Björk – Stage design
Signe Vasshus – Costume
Harald Fetveit – Lighting design
Maj-Britt Fjøsne – Actor
Fredrik Hannestad – Actor
Saila Hyttinen – Actor
Jørgen Langhelle – Actor
Anders Mossling – Actor
Performance dates
January 21, 2001Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
January 20, 2001Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
January 14, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
January 13, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
January 12, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
January 11, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Show
January 10, 2001Store scene (Vika) – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Jon Refsdal Moe, Morgenbladet, 26.11.2004, Lengselen mot byen og mot skauen (literally: The longing for the city and the forest)

"This production was a dramaturgic mouthful, in which Chekhov's longing for Moscow was conjoined with the Grimm fairytale The Town Musicians from Bremen. In Chekhov three women are doomed in eternal longing for something else. In Grimm some domestic animals stagger towards Bremen, take the first possible detour into the nearest bandit hut, and live happily forever after. The performance ends in upper secondary school-like German; "Wenn man sagt, dass man in Bremen ist, dann ist man in Bremen". No more to cry of, in other words: In dramaturgy and theme the performance was a study in untroubled vitality, a cordial revelation of the longing young ladies, and of theatre itself."