The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases

Premiére date2002
Produced byMoonfish, Studium Actoris
AudienceChildren, Adults (from 6)
ExpressionsTheatre, Physical theatre, Comedy
Running period2002  
Duration55 minutes
WebsiteStudium Actoris

About The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases

The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases (2002) is a production by Studium Actoris and Moonfish.

The brothers Floyd and Roman Konk are trying to make some dough transporting concert equipment. But even the simplest of jobs can have dangerous consequences for the brothers.

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More about The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases

In the performance The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases by Studium Actoris and Moonfish Floyd and Roman Konk enter the concert location with the cases of two world-famous violinists.

The brothers are given a surprising notice: The concert is cancelled and they have to take care of the audience. Panic strikes. While Roman’s suggestion is entertaining by using old magic tricks learned by their great-great-grandfather Floyd is tempted into trying the suits and violins of the world stars.

In The Konk Brothers and the Magic Cases mysterious little episodes happen all the time: The suits are impossible to take off and the cases (both the suitcases and the instrument cases) seem to be almost alive.

Floyd is scared and wants to go to the office as soon as possible to report the accidents while Roman wants to stay and fix the situation using a magic formula. The audience yet again comes to assistance and eventually the brothers succeed in playing their duet.

But who is behind the strange events? And which are the good forces leading Roman and Floyd to revive their wretched musical career?


Performing Arts Hub Norway/PAHN,, 22.08.2010,