Serenade - Strender - The Lady and the Fool


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Object type Production
Premiere April 30, 1980
Produced by The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
Based on Serenade by George Balanchine, Peter Tsjaikovskij; Strender by Glen Tetley, Arne Nordheim; The Lady and the Fool by John Cranko, Giuseppe Verdi
Audience Adults
Keywords Ballet
Contributors (17)
Name Role
George Balanchine – Choreography (Serenade)
John Cranko – Choreography (The Lady and the Fool)
Glen Tetley – Choreography (Strender )
Per Åke Andersson – Musical direction (Serenade)
Zdenko Peharda – Musical direction (The Lady and the Fool)
Arne Nordheim – Music (Strender )
Peter Tsjaikovskij – Music (Serenade)
Giuseppe Verdi – Music (The Lady and the Fool)
Christopher Cody – Dancer (i Serenade )
Ketil Gudim – Dancer (i Strender )
Vibeke Gurholt – Dancer (i Serenade)
Ellen Kjellberg – Dancer (i Serenade / La Capriciosa i The Lady and the Fool)
Stefan Pettersson – Dancer (Bootface i The Lady and the Fool)
Bridget Pugh – Dancer (i Serenade)
Viktor Rona – Dancer (Moondog i The Lady and the Fool)
Terje Solberg – Dancer (i Serenade)
Marte Sæther – Dancer (Hovedrollen i )
Performance dates
April 30, 1980Hovedscenen i Folketeaterbygningen Season premiere/Seasonal opening