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Rudi Skotheim Jensen works as a director, writer and choreographer within the "crossover" terminology, of the contemporary performing arts, with productions and/or in person. The sole proprietorship was established in 2001.


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Object type Organization
Also known as The sole proprietorship of Rudi Skotheim Jensen
Organization type Production company
Main focus Performance
Established January 1, 2001
Website Rudi Skotheim Jensen

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Address Saltnes fjellet 3 A, 1642 Saltnes, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 983 671 411

The aim is to create collaborative productions, for the exchange of artistic ideas and cultural expressions.

Rudi Skotheim Jensen has been educated within direction, specialising on the contemporary use of circus, from ESAC, National Circus School of Brussels, Dramaturgical studies from Oslo (HIO), and in performance and contemporary theatre from Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Together with Swedish based producer Emmy Astbury and Hong Kong based Circling Theatre Rudi Skotheim Jensen produces most of his works in collaboration with different companies, institutions and artists, depending on the project.

His works have been presented in Norway, Greenland, Faeroe Islands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, Sweden, Singapore, France and Spain.


Rudi Skotheim Jensen,, 08.12.2010,

Own productions
Title Premiere
Elven og havet - Det lille mekaniske loppesirkuset – September 10, 2016
Love love remote control – October 1, 2013
Love love remote control – July 14, 2013
Be Good to the Always – April 30, 2011
Goldfish is meant for dying – October 16, 2009
Goldfish is meant for dying – August 28, 2009
Incident Compromised – August 27, 2007
Rudi Skotheim Jensen – Artistic director