Podium is an art venue run by an association of artists.

Since 2015 Ignas Krunglevicius has been a general manager. 


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company, Association
Main focus Multidisciplinary art
Established January 1, 2003
Email info@podium.enterprises
Website Podium

Contact information

Address Hausmannsgate 34, 0182 Oslo, Norway
Email info@podium.enterprises

Other information

Legal entity Non-profit organisation
Org nr. 993 947 326

Podium was established as a venue and forum for live art in 2003. Montly events were organized and curated by Torkil Sandsund, Elin Høyland, Henning Gärtner, Ida Willassen og Ragnhild Urbye collaboration with Black Box Teater. Later, Miriam Prestøy Lie, Baran Kurd, Snorre Hvamen and Petter Alexander Goldstine joined in as curators / coordinators. 

All the events of Podium took place in Hausmania, Hausmannsgate 34, unless otherwise had been announced beforehand.

As from the autumn of 2006 Podium has run the gallery in Hausmania. The group received a grant from the Norwegian Arts Council to further develop Podium as an arena for live art; to implement the seminar series Podium Forum 2007 and to realize the performing arts production 10 forsøk (10 attempts).

Podium was registered in Norway's Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities in 2009.  The curatorial method is still based on creating environments for various interactions.

Podium is supported by Arts Council Norway.


Brønnøysundregistrene, brreg.no, lastet 21.03.2019

Venues (1)
Own productions (1)
Title Premiere
Once more - with feeling! – June 1, 2007
Performance dates
Title Premiere
Vol.1 - Blå Brud – February 20, 2012
Vol.1 - Blå Brud – February 19, 2012
Vol.1 - Blå Brud – February 18, 2012
Vol.1 - Blå Brud – February 17, 2012
Vol.1 - Blå Brud – February 16, 2012
Once more - with feeling! – June 2, 2007 – Podium
Once more - with feeling! – June 1, 2007 – Podium
Contributors (10)
Petter Alexander Goldstine – Coordinator (fra Navember 2003 til 2008)
Elin Høyland – Coordinator (fra 2003)
Torkil Sandsund – Coordinator (fra 2003)
Henning Gärtner – Coordinator (fra 2003)
Ida Willassen – Coordinator (fra 2003 til 2005)
Ragnhild Urbye – Coordinator (fra 2003 til 2005)
Snorre Eirik Hvamen – Coordinator
Miriam Prestøy Lie – Coordinator
Baran Kurd – Coordinator
Ignas Krunglevicius – Manager