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Main focusTheatre
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About Sagliocco Ensemble

Sagliocco Ensemble consists of the actor Guandaline Sagliocco and the producer/actor Håkan Islinger.

Through a visual universe of humour and poetry Sagliocco Ensemble creates performances appealing to children and adults of all ages. The working method can be described as a quest for a stylised language springing out of textual, gestural and imaginal improvisation.

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More about Sagliocco Ensemble

Since its establishment in 1988 Sagliocco Ensemble has produced and played a number of productions for children, youth and adults. Currently the ensemble tours Norway on a regular basis as one of the most requested theatre companies of its kind. Sagliocco Ensemble also has wide international experience and has performed at numerous events and festivals in Europe, USA and Asia.

Sagliocco Ensemble had its international break-through in 1997 with The Story of the Fallen Hero, which was awarded the Best Performance Award during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Since then the company has visited Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Wales, Scotland, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Taiwan with various performances.

The ensemble often cooperates with others in the productions, among others Grenland Friteater and various freelance actors, directors and theatre workers domestically and abroad.


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