Smugteateret was among the first experimental theatre companies in Norway, based in Bergen.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Performance, Theatre
Established 1975 (closed 1985)

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Address Bergen, Norway

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Legal entity Other

Most of the members of the theatre companySmugteateret hailed from the theatre science studies at The University of Bergen.

Smugteateret examined new techniques within theatre and performance, onstage and in alternative venues. Physical extortion, gestures and mimics were important parts of the theatre productions and the emphasis was on the theatrical. In addition to producing productions, the company also ran theatre pedagogical workshops.

Smugteateret performed its first production in 1975 and its last in 1983. The company also participated during the theatre festival Bergenske Frynser in 1982.


Velure, Hallfrid et al (ed): Når teori og praksis likestilles: Festskrift til Knut Ove Arntzen (literally: When theory and practice is put on equal footing. Tribute to Knut Ove Arntzen. Oslo 2010

Birthe-Lisbeth Ludvigsen: The University of Bergen paper Frie teatergrupper og prosjektteater i Bergen 1970-2006 - en kontekstualisert oversikt og beskrivelse (literally: Independent Theatre Companies and Project Theatres in Bergen 1970-2006 – a contextualised overview and description), UiB 2007

Own productions (11)
Contributors (10)
Worm Winther – Other
Frode Rasmussen – Other (fra 1977)
Marit Thunold – Other (fra 1977)
Jan Giltvedt – Other (fra 1977)
Knut Ove Arntzen – Manager (fra 1975 til 1985)
Vibecke Arvidsson – Other (fra 1975)
Carl Jacob Hafnor – Other (fra 1975)
Eli Wenche Lund-Johansen – Other (fra 1975)
Finn Oscar Svendsen – Other (fra 1975 til 1985)
Mariann Mürer – Other (fra 1975)