The Sole Proprietorship Ole Mads Vevle

The Sole Proprietorship Ole Mads Vevle was the company name under which visual artist Ole Mads Sirks Vevle produced his art. Ole Mads Sirks Vevle was formerly named Ole Mads Vevle, and he changed the name of the company when changing his own.


(Objekt ID 6464)
Object type Organization
Also known as Now known as The Sole Proprietorship Ole Mads Sirks Vevle
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Multidisciplinary art
Email olemadssirksvevle(at)
Website Enkeltmannsforetaket Ole Mads Vevle

Contact information

Address Bergen, Norway
Email olemadssirksvevle(at)

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Own productions (6)
Contributors (1)
Ole Mads Sirks Vevle – Manager