But, What’s It All About?

The spring of 2005 Ole Mads Vevle performed his text But, What’s It All About? in Avant GardenTrondheim.

But, what’s it all about? is made as a dialogue between father and son. Vevle personally performed both roles. The performance is driven by the repeated question by the son: But, what’s it all about? upon which the father begins his diverse harangues.


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Object type Production
Produced by The Sole Proprietorship Ole Mads Vevle
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre

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Blackout No

But, what’s it all about? by Ole Mads Vevle imitates the language of television, a continuous stream of never-ending information never reaching a conclusion. High-brow and low-brow culture are mixed, as are the comical and the tragic, the serious and the trivial.

Most of the references in But, what’s it all about? are found in the TV medium; series, commercials, movies, news. But the production also includes references from philosophy and the history of literature. The performance gradually builds towards a climax, a break-down. Vevle uses a video camera and a projector in the production. He switches between talking directly to the audience and to the camera.

Ole Mads Vevle is the man behind the short film Love Is The Law which unexpectedly was awarded a prize during the Cannes Festival in 2003. In 2004 he hailed Satan and denied God in one of his songs by the opening of the festival Momentum, with the minister of church and culture present, something which awoke a certain furore.

Source: Spring program 2005, Avant Garden.

Contributors (2)
Name Role
Ole Mads Sirks Vevle – Actor (Far)
Ole Mads Sirks Vevle – Actor (Sønn)
Performance dates
March 11, 2005Teaterhuset Avant Garden Show
Press coverage

"Ole Mads Vevle can engage and shock all without nudity or crimes. He simply does it with his words."

Lars Holger Ursin, Bergens tidende 08.07.04