Dansearena Nord

Also known asformerly Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans (NND/North-Norwegian Regional Dance Stage)
Organisation typeResource centre, Dissemination centre, Artists’ centre
Main focusDance
Established1 Jul. 2005
WebsiteDansearena nord - Dansearena, Facebook group- Nordnorsk landsdelsscene for dans/ North-Norwegian Dance stage (NDD)

About Dansearena Nord

Dansearena nord, formerly Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans (North-Norwegian Regional Dance Stage), also known as NND, is a foundation owned by the counties of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland plus the municipality of Hammerfest. The studio and administration is located in Hammerfest.

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More about Dansearena Nord

Dansearena nord provides producer services and artist residences and also collaborates with different organisations and institutions related to performing arts.

Dansearena nord is the new name of what until October 2010 was named Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans (North-Norwegian Regional Dance Stage). This foundation was established in 2004 based on the artistic activity of Stellaris Dance Theatre. Today the two enterprises function independently.

Source: Dansearena nord - Dansearena, http://dansearenanord.no/ 13.10.2010, http://dansearenanord.no/content/bakgrunn